New Age Contentment

Is not it strikingly coincidental, ‘content’ means being in a state of euphoria, and ‘content’ is created to elicit euphoria? Contentment, if re-envisioned in the present-day scenario pretty much elucidates creation of content, something that is reassuring and pleasing.    

Content creation literally refers to the creation of content. Content may be engendered in countless forms such as speech, writing, artwork or videos. It intrinsically is an idea manifested to an audience through various embodiment. Content creation is a craftsmanship not everyone can sail on, it requires a unique perspective, spontaneity & creativity to effectuate it.

In the contemporary world, content creation has more to with the content that is made available online to appeal to and influence people. It is created to persuade people in favor of something or someone. It plays a salient role in marketing, specially on the digital platform. Content is created to market or advertise an idea, product or service, directly or indirectly.

Why is content so important? Suppose you are online, visiting the website of one of your favorite brands, will you just be interested in the layout? The question makes what I am getting at pretty clear, it is the content. “What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.” – David Ogilvy

Content is what makes people take action, it is the main element of a website, a web page or even a social media handle. The content you publish is an inkling of the values your brand professes. It engages people, prompts people to click and clack on your page, increasing the impressions and reach of your brand. It connects you to people who are already inclined towards your brand, by giving them assurance and evokes a sense of fidelity.

Branding is all about recall value, people must recognize your brand to recognize with it. The more content with brand connectivity you publish, the more people fall in line with you brand personality. Brand loyalty is an important factor that builds and boosts not just a brand’s image but also its value. To adduce your brands goodwill for its target audience and implore positive feelings and devotion among them, it is very important to keep them engrossed.

Content creation is an amalgam of ideas that deliver a positive message, adhering to a specific audience. It informs and instills the audience with concepts in various forms, to grasp their attention. Many brands promote themselves directly by publishing content about their services or products, for direct marketing. Many also create content on social issues to create an impact image, to resonate with the audience, meanwhile indirectly promoting the goodwill of their brand. Keyword based content is generated, for Search Engine Optimization, in which the content revolves around certain keywords that are known to be most searched.  

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